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20/07/08 Pink Palace to Fisheries and Bell Bouy

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Met Morgano who was still lusting to fish after a week in the QCI at 5:15 and were fishing around the Pink Palace twenty minutes later. Fished with the some needle fish hoochies and anchovies between 80 to 20 feet, nothing. At 6:45 we booted over to the Bell Bouy and fish as similar spread with the same results. All we got for our effort was a four rod foul up when trying to avoid a crab pot spotted late. No one was fishing West Van when we were there. A few boat were fishing around the Bell Bouy. We did not see anyone catch anything. Went in at 9:30.
Have fun, Jason
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Just finished cutting the grass. You're bang on with your report. A friend out fishing the Bell Buoy right now has been in the area for 4 hours..nothing....has seen nothing. He's monitoring 88A and reports a few decent fish from Howe Sound---HITW to the "Tennis Courts".

He started out at first light off West Van for Coho..none. Went in for breakfast and headed out again and has been trolling around out there since.

He's using Anchovies and Hootchies. If there were fish there..people will catch them.

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