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Hey peps, looking for a bit of advise here.

First of all love the classic lines of the Hourston Sedan's. I have a line on a 20 and 23 foot sedan that both require full gut outs, no worries i'm more than capable! Not sure which to choose, the boat will only probably be used 3 weeks per year due to work commitments and local but in those 3 weeks I would like to do overnights or weekend trips comfortably (son and I), also when I do have time to go fishing/cruising I don't want a bit of nasty weather (nothing life treating) to dampen my plans. It will spend most of its life on a trailer "trailer princess", so my question is...

1. Differences between these two models?

Cuddy head room?
Cockpit/pilot house head room?
Over-all versatility?

2. I am towing with a 1/2 tonne Ram 1500 eco-diesel so need to know what to expect for finished weights?

3. I also have secured a 2000 200 OX66 200HP Yamaha, think this would be adequate for either boat?

4. I was planning on notching the transom, rather than podding it as to save a few bucks, thoughts?

5. This will be a family boat with max 4 ppl at any one time, most likely only two ppl. Which boat is better?
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