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I have a D-Link wireless N router to give away...complete in box. Model number is DIR-615. Used it for a few months and then thought I'd try Shaw's all in one unit. Looks like I still have crappy internet service, but at least only have one box instead of two. (Wireless Router spoken for...)

I also have a home kit for a Roady XT satellite unit. Comes with cradle, 120V adaptor, and an external antenna...everything you would need to use your Roady with your home stereo system. I no longer have the Roady radio...lost the remote a while ago...but if it turns up before someone grabs the kit, I'll include it.

Mastercraft 18V cordless drill battery: I bought this on Clearance thinking that my drill was 18V. Well, turns out mine is 14.4V, so I can't use it. If you have the right drill and charger to make use of it, it's yours free if we can arrange somewhere close to me to meet. The part number is 54-3062-6...new in box. Looks exactly like the battery pack in the picture, just 18V and no charger included.


Location is in Slurrey. I'm not really willing to ship it out anywhere...so first one to come pick it up gets it.
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