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What is Streamer Fishing
Fly fishing streamers can be one of the funniest and most effective ways to catch big fish. Whether you aim for trout, perch, catfish, or anything in between; The right combination, paired with the correct transmitter, can produce impressive results.

Streamer fishing is a method of using a submerged fly called a streamer. A streamer is designed to mimic the "bait fish" or small fish that large fish usually like to eat, i.e., the sculptor, the minnow.
Streamers fish with more care than traditional dry-fly or nymph rigs because they fish with active recovery. This means that the angler draws the line to attract the fly back to another actor, causing them to move.
Why use a streamer?
The main reason to use streamers is simple: Larger fish need more protein to survive and attack larger bees when given the opportunity. Aggressive fish often attack meaty snacks for reasons such as hunger, province, or just instinct. Streamers are also a great way to cover a large amount of water in a more petite time frame.
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