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I have borrowed my dads fly gear a half dozen times or so and decided I need my own this year. I was using a 6wt dragonfly with med. sink tip line. I have only fished for trout on chain lake with this set up. Tons of fun but I think I would like a lighter rod better for this type of fishing. I also plan to fish lower mainland bass and trout with this rod. For now however I think I'll stick with gear when targeting salmon. If I get hit hard by the fly fishin' bug ;D I think I,ll go buy a 7-8wt for salmon next year :happy: So I guess I need to know if I should just go for el cheap-o from wal-mart or spend 100-150 at hubbs and if I should get a 2wt or maybe a 4wt would work and still be a blast with a 10" trout. I catch a lot more small fish than big ones so a lighter rod seems like a better idea but how light is too light??? :confused: :confused:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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