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I'm still new! :(

So I have this 6'6 medium action rod that I bought from Canadian tire (Zebco brand), and I'm still a little confused as to what I can do with it.

I attempted barfishing on the Fraser (Brownsville) and pier fishing, and I'm out of line.

Well, the line I had sucked, anyway. 4lb test. Broke off every time I threw it.

I'm looking into buying a 20lb test line for this rod, but people seem to be a little edgy by it. Could anybody please explain to me why I should or shouldn't buy 20lb line?

And I also have the option of buying a 50lb test line for the same price. If anybody could tell me which is better for my rod or where I'm fishing and tell me the differences, thanks. I'd appreciate it a lot :)
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