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The Greasy Chum, his girlfriend Erin, the Chum Chaser, and I loaded up the 4x4s for a weekend of camping and fishing on Aileen. We knew from the Backroads Mapbook that there were two 4X4 trails into the lake but we were not sure which trail would be a safe bet. After a couple of fly bys, we found the trail in by Look Lake and Fly Fish Lake 2 and made our way down. Yikes!!! That trail turned out to be a tad scary for my F150 with running boards also know an the "old man truck." I has to let the more experienced Chum Chaser drive it at one point.

After a few close calls we made it to the campsite. There were 3 Forestry sites available to choose from - all three very rustic but comfortable. I needed a malty beverage to calm my nerves as we unpacked and got the gear into the boat and headed out on the water. The boat launch is right next to the campsite which proved to be very convenient. There were 4 belly boaters and one other cartop on the water, all down at the far end of the small, but beautiful lake. Two of the belly boaters came in as we were launching and all they caught in their words was "a sore ass and a cheap buzz." I guess he was referring to the Lucky lager he was holding because he held no fish. Four hours on the lake produced 3 small rainbows between the two of them. As we put our lines in the water, a young boy fishing with his Dad hooked into a nice fish but lost it at the boat. For the next 5 hours, Chum Chaser and I in my boat, and Grease and Erin in their boat had 5 hard strikes combined, two fish played, and one landed. We started with attractor patterns, and then tried green micro leeches, Caddis pupae, Tom Thumbs, and several chironomid patterns with little success. I notice a lot of surface action with a small white colored insect that I did not recognize. I suppose it doesn't matter because I did know that I had a pattern that was similar called a Cahill in size 14. In a short time I had my only fish that evenbing in the boat. Soon after a nice fish slammed my Cahill and took my fly. I played the fish for a short period of time and PING! Poorly tied cinch knot = bye bye best fly of the night. Does anyone know what a cahill is? Sunday morning was another exercise of patience only managing one take on a green micro leech. Although a great experience and awesome lake, I really don't think we were offering what the fish were feeding on. There was quite a bit of surface activity and a TON of large fish (4-5 pound on average) showing up on the sonar but the fish were moody. I agree with TUBEFLY, perhaps Aileen doesn't heat up until the end of June??

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