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Hello my name is Kent. I live in Edmonton. 44 years old, married with 2 kids, 19 and 8. Grew up in Cold Lake AB primarily fishing a lot of the smaller surrounding lakes for pike and walleye. More serious about walleye in my mid twentys. Eventually moved to Edmonton in my early thirtys. Got away from fishing initially but ended up getting a slip in the Cold Lake marina back home. Now I'm pounding the highways on weekends. I have owned a couple cruisers since and have primarily been fishing Lake trout. There's actually some big fish in there. Some might be surprised.

Anyhow I've gotten a little bored with the routine and am really interested in hitting the beautiful lakes in BC. Kootenay, Shuswaps etc. Going to Shuswaps at the end of July as a matter of fact. Yes I know it's a bad time of year for fishing there but I'm trying to turn my wife on to the idea. Game plan is to keep a boat somewhere in BC for the spring....Cold Lake in the summer.....somewhere in BC for the fall. The season at Cold Lake is just too short. Need to feel the pull of a big rainbow.


P.S. Feel free to insert Shuswap info
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