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Hi All,

A friend of mine asked me if I could post this up. Great spot to enjoy a nice summer evening......I unfortunately can't be there as I will be fishing in Tofino but if you're intrested please attend. There is info to purchase tickets at the link below.

“Dear Friends,

We are at the turning point for Wild Salmon, these fish have been on a steady decline since the early 1990’s and are at risk of extinction on our watch. You have been selected to attend because you know Paul Dean, Sarah Pattison or myself. We invite you to an evening with Dr. Alexandra Morton at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club where she will inform you of the precarious situation Wild Salmon are in today and what the future holds.

Morton began to look at the impact of salmon farms in the late 1980's. With the discovery that sea lice from commercial Salmon farms was killing wild Salmon smolts (baby salmon) in 2001 and continues on today with her discovery in October 2011 of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISAv) which has spread to both wild and farmed salmon. Her testing show this disease can be traced back to European ISAv strains suggesting the virus has been imported to Canada via fish eggs for farmed fish. This discovery coincided with similar findings by Dr. Rick Rutledge, a leading scientist at Simon Fraser University. These results were so ground breaking that they caused The Honourable Bruce Cohen to add three days to the “Cohen Commission of inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in The Fraser River” in December 2011. The results were shocking because the Government and the Fish Farmers testified under oath to and The Cohen Commission that they had performed over 5,000 tests on farmed salmon and NEVER found ISAv in any samples.

Dr. Morton's extensive study of this issue has demonstrated that young wild Salmon can become effected by diseases & parasites as they pass through a virtual gauntlet of Salmon farms on their annual migration to the open ocean. Morton's & other scientists work show the disturbing decline in our wild stocks for the past 2 decades is attributable to this phenomenon.

The latest in Morton's work is conducting testing of wild & farmed Salmon & finding previously undisclosed evidence of the very likely transfer of serious viruses from farmed to the wild stocks.

Whether you're indifferent, lack knowledge of, or are well versed on this issue, this evening should prove to be an opportunity to get the latest on this paramount issue. Wild Salmon are a gift and they will only be given to us once.

The scientific community tell us we're at a crossroads where we seriously risk losing our Salmon forever. This is not an issue brought to you by alarmist radicals & activists, its about the very real possibility of extinction of wild Salmon unless we as a people speak out against it. The Honourable Bruce Cohen chose Dr. Morton to testify and participate in the enquiry. This cause needs your support now. Please come July 16th. Please become involved.

Thank you.”

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