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I received this "distress call" (email) from Alex today.

Hello All

If you have a moment, please check the website www.adopt-a-fry.org

We absolutely have to make progress now before the fish farming industry is granted the lease expansions they have applied for.

We cannot afford anymore dress rehearsals, the wild salmon need relief, the farms in the Broughton Archipelago and elsewhere have applied to expand and upgrade to 20 year extensions.

If you have friends who are also concerned about the state of wild salmon in British Columbia please consider forwarding this email.

We are moving ahead. When the media asks who is behind this movement to bring reason to the practice of placing marine feedlots in wild salmon nursery areas I would like to be able to say:


You can donate or simply join and be counted.

Headed to BC Supreme Court,

Alexandra Morton

If you can't donate to the cause - her legal fees are going to kill her - at least join her in the fight. She is relentless and each and every one of us sporties' owe her a debt of gratitude and support.

Come on guys', let's have at er'.

Standing for Wild Salmon,

Terry Anderson

Wild Salmon Alliance
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