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I was up at my cabin over the spring break and decided to do some ice fishing. Drilled my hole with the ice being about 18 iches thick in the middle of the lake (there were a couple of thin spots near various edges on the lake). Fished for about an hour or so with eggs. Not even a nibble. Since I got no action from the fish I decided to take the ATV for a spin on the lake (literally), man is it fun :thumbup:.

Later I decided to check out some of the surrounding lakes, two of them being Mackenzie and McCaffery. Both have partcial ice off on the dock sides of the lakes (fishable with a small boat or tube for sure). I saw two guys on Mackenzie actually (one in a tube and the other in a pontoon). I asked them how they did and one guy replied he caught a 17 incher 30 minutes in 25 feet down on a leech. Man they must of been cold. I would of gone out myself though if I would have brought my tube but I didnt because I was not expecting such early ice off. Anyways, ice fishing is still possible on most lakes if you planning to give it a go.

Here just some pics of the scenery (no fish shots today) ;D

Here was an eagle I saw feeding on a dead deer

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