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Allouette Lake Trout Pictures

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Does anybody have any pictures of legitimate pictures of lake trout caught in Allouete Lake?? Pls post....Ortho 8)
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Yes, please post.... I have heard from many people that they are in there, and yet.... no one seems to have ever seen a pic of one... :confused: ;D
There are no fish in Alloutte Lake! :yummy:
yeah, i'll second this motion. Lots of stories but no pics... :confused:
I have seen some huge fish swimming around the drop offs while fishing for kokanee. I'm guessing in the 10 lb range, unfortunately could not entice them. So I could not properly identify them. Just guessing they are lakers. I know for sure I have seen some spring sized fish show up on the depth sounder. Lakers for sure ;D
seen pictures but don't have any pictures of fish as big as 27lbs in the past.
Well until I get a bonafide report with pictures, I am assuming the talk is just "talk" and there are no "Lakers" in the lake.................Somebody prove me wrong!!.....Ortho 8)
First person to post a pic of an Alouette Laker on this site (with familiar backdrop) gets to be a bcfishingreport.com hero for a total of 2 days.
:thumbup:ME FIRST, ME FIRST!!!
Well I'm getting some riggers real soon, maybe I'll be the first :thumbup:
Lakers fight like an old boot so you guys aren't missing much. A rainbow or cutty a 1/3 the size wil provide more sport. There's a reason nobody has pictures because they are harder to hook and not so enjoyable in the event that you do. However if it's lakers you're after then head up to region 5 in a bit. You'll find hoards of them up there. :cheers:
I am sooo glad to see these kind of responses here! I recently posted a similiar response to someones reply on the hunting forum I use! It was not so much that I did not believe the gentleman ( 15 fish landed at Allouette and knows all about these lake trout ), but for God's sake I have fished that lake for years with my father and NEVER can we seem to find these alloosive lake trout! At the best we may catch the odd koke or trout but they never have much size to them. We have put in our time too! Down riggers, up riggers, motor on, motor off, fish finders, fish blinder, inside, outside, upside down.....it does NOT matter, we've never found these fish! Nor have I ever had anyone be able to verify catching one! Please stop writing about them in books and articles!
Boy that was a real fishermans rant!
Anyways good to see some sane and more importantly honest fisherman here!
If per chance there is someone who knows something special about this lake please...I want to know it!
Thanks guys, great forum you have here!
P.S. I'm new!
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There should be a BCFR fishout at allouette, and we can all go out and try to prove this laker legend right or wrong. And we can fish for kokanee and cuttys on the side 8)
That's hiliarious! Sounds good to me.
I'm gona post a question on the board for my dad and me, give me your feed back if ya would!
Yeah, the truth is out there. Let's invite this clown too, he could prove it once and for all http://youtube.com/watch?v=KRhAHHGaG6A (just kiddin, settle down guys!!). If he did show up we could use him for laker bait :happy:
Ya thats about all he's good for :p
All I really know is it can just rock for kokanee when the bite is on. :beerchug: It's a really nice lake to just cruise around in the boat and enjoy the scenery.
I have gotten a 5lb fish out of the Alouette and that was about 3 years ago. Didnt get a pic of it so believe or dont believe. I know there are bigger fish as I have seen fish as big as 10lbs come out.
So the truth finally comes out. For years I have been muttering about broken cameras and broken lines but the fact is I have never caught , or seen anybody catch, any fish at all on the Allouette. Lord knows I've tried, and tried, and tried, and lied. Phew! I feel much better now.
There is loads of kokanee in that lake. Troll a wedding band and dew worm at about the 20' depth in the bays and the cove at the northern end also at the drop offs all around the lake :peace:
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