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I bought a new Sage VT-2 Speyrod, ordered Waterskeeter pontoons and asked for shipment to Smithers, reserved a Chevvy Silverado pickup truck at Smithers Airport, I'm busy tying new flies, the cabin at the Kispiox Steelhead Camp has been booked, a fiend in Hazelton bought a jetboat and he invited me to fish with him for a couple of days, all flights are booked.
So I guess all major preparations have been made.
Now we only have to wait for Friday September 21st and off we go for our annual steelhead trip to the Skeena Region, in search of some WILD steelhead!
The 1st week we intend to spend some days at the Morice, Copper and Kalum with the 2 of us, the 2nd week we get some company from 2 American guys and spend it only at the Kispiox, hoping for a really big steelhead!
Most of my friends think I'm insane to spend so much money each year, only for 'some fishing'. But I cannot help it. As long as my health it allows (and my earnings too) I have to do it. I'm a steelhead junk.
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wow sounds like an great trip and well planed.most trips i make are fly by the seat of your pants when you get there. good luck and enjoy.
Those are all great rivers to fish Bramsplace. We are truly lucky to live so close to world class steelhead fishing. I hope that your timing is O.K. it might be a little early for the Morice / Bulkley system, but the Kispiox, Kalum and Copper should have some fresh Steel in them. Look forward to your future report.

Tight Lines, Nates
Yeah Nates, good timing is always the most difficult part. But late September has always worked out quite well for me.
Although last year was one of the most difficult ones due to the very hot and dry summer.
But the major fun is, as you stated in your signature, the finding and the fishing. And as long my fly is in the water, there is a chance for a fish!
Of course I will give a full report afterwards.
And maybe I will meet some new friends there!
late sept is not to early for the morice and bulkley its prime time
Stopped off @ moricetown yesterday on way back from Kitimat. FN said alot of Steel is already showing up. River is a little high and silty, but cleaning up fairly quickly. Things should be good for ya by then, plus should be alot of Coho around.

PS: Be careful on the pontoons......Waterskeeters aren't really a great boat for big rough water. (good enough for Kispiox & Morice, but be careful on Copper/Kalum)

PSS: An extreme amount of Pinks in the Skeena/Kitimat this year.... fish just behind the spawning pinks and your sure to get some Steel.
So how did you fair in Kitimat Tacheeda? I was suppose to head out there thursday afternoon, but was involved in an industrial accident at work thursday morning that ended my trip abruptly. Hopefully will be healed up in time for a trip I have planned to Bella Coola at the end of september and of course the annual Morice trips. Had some friends that went out there and the spring fishing was just incredible they said, alot of 30-40# fish being taken, but the chum fishery was eithor late or just slow, they caught a few, but more chinook than chum.
Thanx for the warning Tacheeda. We intend to use the pontoons only on the Morice and Kispiox. I have a friend in Kitwanga and he invited us to fish the Kalum with his jetboat.
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