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Went to Alouette lake earlier today. It was my first time there in the fall so more of an experiment than anything else. Overall I'd say it's ok for fishing this time of year. Not as many fish around on the fishfinder as in the summer (I suspect its the Kokanees going off to do their thing this time of year) but there were trout and a greater number of larger fish on the finder :thumbup: . Like usual, the larger ones were somewhat deeper. Landed one rainbow and lost another one. Had a few other bites too. The weather unfortunately wasn't too cooperative. I would have liked to stay a bit longer in the area where the fishfinder was suggesting ;D but the driving rain and gusts just wasn't making it enjoyable. Got the fish on a small brass willow leaf with a green wedding band and worm. I was fishing on the far side, by the tree stumps. It's definitely worth fishing this time of year.
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