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The fishing out of Vancouver has been so bad for several weeks, I thought I'd take my dingy to Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Park for change. Beautiful morning, though the wind picked up at 11AM pretty hard and we came in early. I caught two nice bull trout on a worm-tipped wedding band lure tied into a Willow leaf, on the surface. I also got a nice Kokanee (and missed another at the boat) using a red and white Apex "Trout Killer" down a ways on a "Deep Six" planer. I also had a half dozen hits. All this occurred from the hatchery north, and on that side of the lake fairly close to shore.

I'm not really experienced in lake fishing, and did the above based on what I've read and been told by a few people that claim to be experienced in this area. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what else I might do to improve my chances?
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