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Alouette Steelhead

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i think i might have heard somewhere that the alouette has a good steelhead run.
is this true?

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The steelhead run in the allouette river has been pretty variable over the last few years...it went through a real tough time with regards to volume of river flow coming out of the lake, and as a result numbers went into decline...after an agreement was reached with the local hydo provider, flow was increased, and minimum requirements were established...As for numbers of returning steelhead in the last few years, a good search of the web should provide you with some numbers. You might also try and contact the hatchery up there for more info...
If you have ever fished the allouette, you will know that this is a small urban system with limited access due to private property. It is not a river that would survive heavy fishing pressure, however, having said that, the size of the river, and the accessibility tends to keep crowds to a minimum. Many anglers opt for larger systems with much more flow, and more fish...easier fishing in their eyes.
I see you live up in Pitt Meadows, my recommendation would be to take a walk along the river one day and get a feel for its size...maybe visit the hatchery and take in any of the information they have posted there, and familiarize yourself with the river.

The run of steelhead in the allouette, and salmon for that matter, is NOT large, and most anglers find the fishing difficult at best...What small number of fish do return are very sensitive to pressure, and care must be taken with regards to any impact you might have on wild fish populations that may be in decline...The fishing and quantity of fish on this river is very timing dependent, and taking the time to get to know the river is essential to any significant amount of success. You will find many, many fishless days before you achieve success. There are many other systems that would provide better opportunities for steelhead, requiring less angling time and effort per fish...

Having said that, getting to know tiny little systems like this can be rewarding, once you have put the time in to learn their subtle nuances...
Please respect this fragile river and help us all protect wild steelhead stocks.
Hope that helps,
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Well put, ribby...........The Allouette does have fishing oppotunities, but you WILL pay your dues there, for sure.....It is a stream I am very familiar with(I presume you are talking about the South Allouette), because the North Allouette is also vitually impossible to access, but still has some decent fish. Trouble is not so much pollution, but more like urban sprawl and family dogs that keep fishers in their cars!....Ortho 8)
Yes...there are many residents who WILL NOT let you anywhere near their property for sure...quite a few of their pets have a taste for neoprene...beware of dog has new meaning when you try to run while wearing waders... :lol:
i dont know what you guys are talking about with not much access to the river. the **** system provides a path all along the lower part of the river. but thanks for the help. im probably going there today after school to find some chums.

For your information, my friend, your are correct, the **** system does provide access to the lower Allouette River except on the area between Neaves Bridge and 224th. This is private property and all the signage there will explain how you cannot even boat down the river in this area.There are very few Steelhead caught in this area of the river. This area between Neaves Road and the Pitt River is accesible from along the dikes, but is not very interesting water at the best of times and is also not very productive.

The middle portion of this river is fronted by many private residences and you will swiftly get booted from their property if you try and access thru their land. The few places that are accessible get fished hard. The upper river is also very difficult to access except near Alco Park, where there are a few spots to fish, but it is not easy fishing. The rocks are very slippery and there is a lot of bush and ill placed rocks in the river.

If you scout this area of the river you might get lucky but the few fish that are caught there are usually caught by those that have paid plenty of homage to the system and know a few spots and how to fish them...That's another thread.

The North Allouette is all but inaccessible from top to bottom except for a couple of spots, so not really worth your while. I am sticking with my previous comment...For how many miles these streams travel, there is very little accessible and productive water......Ortho 8)
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What makes the innaccesable river more productive.shouldnt there be just as many fish in the lower parts? and nobody has answered my previous fraser river and pitt river thread. are they any good to fish for in pitt meadows?
Unfortunately I don't know, never fished them myself, but if you're really curious you can always go find out yourself and let us know. :D
i would. but the problem is it takes a long time to bike down there. its much easier to just ask. lol. i think i may have asked but im not sure, what makes further up stream so much better to fish at?
The problem with fishing in the ****/slough areas of the alouette is that the steelhead will pass right through there rather quickly. Thats not to say you can't hook em in there but it will be few and far between. When you get into the upper areas they start to hold in certain areas ie. tailouts, deeper pools and pocket water as they fight thier way upstream. Therefore your chances of hooking into on in the upper areas increases as there are more holding fish in these waters. I would say it is worth the bike ride.
so are the areas your talking about where your not able to access the **** due to the private property. what would be a good spot to fish? around which road? is it the same for chum or whatever coho are in there that it would be easier up-river.

hey fineangler there is access at horsemens park 224th street also at 232nd street if you want to fish there is access, coho and stealhead runs are not great so take it easy im sure the chum run is not bad but nothing would be worth keeping i grew up on the alouette use to be a great little system lot of good memories :D
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