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I am having trouble accessing the daily fishing reports. I would not only like to reivew these reports, but would like to also contribute to this forum. I have clicked on the daily fishing reports by Ribwart and also did a search (which yielded some not so current results). I have also looked at the rules regarding access to this site, but I still don't get how to view it. Am I just dense? What am I missing? Can someone help me? Thanks for your patience.

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You should be able to see them in the same section as the "Professional guide and tackle shop reports"...If you can't find them there, (there's 8 different regions + some outside BC), try clearing all your cookies in your control panel and refreshing your screen...

You can also try this link, the individual regions should be visible to you here...


If not, try the cookie thing,

Let us know if that helps...
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