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Fished Ambleside from 06:00 to 08:30AM... didn't get anything that looked like a salmon, just sole. Fished mainly 20' 40' 60' feet with anchovies and an assortment of hoochies and spoons.
No one I saw catch any about ten boat when I left... on a day like to day I was envious of the guy in the kayak with a downrigger and small out board.
Have fun, Jason

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July 18.

Since that is a new post, I'm going to assume you were out last night.

I was out.

I cut my losses and quit about 730, I only had lines in the water 2 hours, and I could tell after about the first half hour it wasn't to be. We had a couple of jacks, but otherwise, the sounder was dead for fish. Lots of bait, but no Cohos.

I was fishing six rods, and given the amount of water I covered fishing at 2.7 knots, if there were fish there to be caught, I woulda found 'em. I spent the night before rigging up special leader lengths for that...heard the fishing has been sporadic. Didn't see anyone hook anything last night either.

This is the worst year so far for Cohoes locally, although there have been a couple of bright spots here an there. Springs were ok, as it has been worse than the last couple of years according to my logs. I know of 12 pulled in by the local guide fleet combined off West Van 14 ~ 25 lbs.

Either these fish are way late this year, or they're not coming, which I suspect may be the case. We've had some decent weather and the tides have been good...so if they're going to show, they're going to show all at once.

Oh well.

Waiting for this weekend..and if West Van hasn't picked up, time to head to the Fraser Banana for Springs.

Tight lines.
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