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"A brief note from the administrators and moderators here at BCFishingReports.com"

Earlier this year several adjustments were made to BCFR. The basic goal of these adjustments was to increase site exposure and membership while still providing longtime contributing members with opportunities to interact outside the general public's view. While we and many others feel these goals have been achieved, recently some undesirable guests to the site conducted themselves in a manner that is unacceptable to us, and incongruent with the goals of the site.

Some of these guests were banned permanently, while others were given temporary bans. We at BCFR have noticed some of the negative aspects that come along with more exposure, and from herein will be paying particularly close attention to new memberships and/or guests, including how our more long standing members interact with them.

To help strengthen our team a respected and long time member, professori, will be joining the mod crew in helping keep BCFR the great little site we all know and enjoy. We know you will all welcome him into the fold.

Our long standing desire to promote responsible and ethical fishing practices and help others to do the same is as important to us as ever. We thank those of you who have contributed over the years and know BCFR will continue to keep us all thinking about, and sharing, the sport we love for many years to come...


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