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2009 Cues for Kid’s “Greek Night on Broadway” Fun pool tournament, great food, wine, entertainment

Date: Wednesday, November 4th 2009
Place: Kitsilano Billiard Cafe…3255 West Broadway
Time: 6:30-10:30pm
Dress: Business Casual
All proceeds to www.jeneeceplace.org.

I have known Jeneece for almost 10 years. Famous for her penny drives to help the needy and her work with various telethons, she is now moving on to a bigger project that will serve all the parents of children requiring special care. Check out the above link and see what she has underway.

She has endured many surgeries and is currently at BCCH recovering from a revision done to some rods in her back. I am anxious to help her reach her goal, by assisting with the fundraising. You can help in several ways.

a) Attend our Greek Night event on November 4
b) Forward a donation directly to Jeneece Place via website and mention C4K
c) Mail a donation to the Cues for Kid’s Foundation at the above address
d) Tell people about the event and the fundraising.
e) Email this page to your friends
This will be a fun, mixed tournament, with Greek food, good wine, and entertainment in a casual party atmosphere. Bring some friends…Come and join us for a fun evening and help Jeneece realize another dream. Tickets are just $39.00 RESERVE NOW!

(604) 877-1700…….Ortho
(604) 278-7842….…Robyn
(604) 789-3755…….Jim

Thanks to all.....Call me for tickets. If you can't make the event you can still send support, or a raffle prize.....Cheers, Ortho

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I need more players and smhmoozers

I need 70 people to get the room for free....Still have a few spots...Contact me of pm for tickets............Ortho:peace:
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