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Last week I saw LARGE schools of these fish all around the marina. What the heck are they? Sorry for the bad picture, they were taken with my cell phone.


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Where I keep my boat acts as a weir on the ebb tide. In the one corner I've seen and caught herring, anchovies and sand land - mostly juveniles. However, once in awhile big herring are there and 4' anchovies.

As a kid I would watch them for hours. One of the amazing things was seeing salmon smolt attack the bait fish. The smolt would always be swimming near by but they only attacked when the bait would start to feed. All the fish feed on plankton. When they do the leave the school, flare their gill plates and roll sifting out the food. As soon as the smolt saw the flash they'd pounce.

The numbers of bait there aren't as high as there are 3 or 4 seal and some river otter that have taken up residence there.

You can jig big herring this time of year off Spanish Bank. I caught one a few years back on a trolled anchovy that was 11". No Joke.

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Have fun, Jason
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