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And this rolled across the dock I launch at

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Thought I would throw a pic up for you guys... Came into Jocks Dock in sooke yesterday :eek:
5 bucks says he thought it was one of the 6 gills that have been frequenting the last few weeks

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beauty fish. talk about reeling in the kitchen table! too bad it wasn't released and traded in for a couple smaller ones for the dinner table!

I think they took that picture too late. It should have lived to swim another day. Any truth to the rumor that only female hali will larger than 70#?

from what Ive heard thats true, but how many years of spawning does a 30lb female have to catch up to what shes allready done though. :confused: .
If you want too look at it that way other then the table fare what would take out more young? killing a couple 20-30's or that one big one? Not thinking about the amont off eggs at one shot(as the bigger ones do produce more)
The way I see it, that large fish is "genetically successful."

In other words, there is something about that fish that allowed it to live so long and grow so large...this would seed a future of many offspring carrying these traits.
There is more fish that size around than many people realize, they simple arent really targeted. For one many of them are too deep or too far offshore for sportfisherman to target, and 2 the commercail guys do not target them either because the areas where they are found have too much by-catch as the bigger ones are more solitary and too much by-catch equals an area getting shut down. It is a lot easier to fill a boat with juveniles than the bigger ones.
Not too sure that the fish was genetically successful or rather old, that thing has been swimming since the beginning of the fishery and has probably spawed for over 80-90 years and like I say there quite a few others where it came from, you dont see people fishing humps in the middle of the straits in 600ft of water.
Last year ('07) of the 65 millions pounds havested commercailly (educated guess) 70-80% of the fish were under 30 lbs, whats worse for a fishery.... leaving the pretty much done big females to reproduce and taking out the future spawners? or...........

Just dont see the difference of taking one breeding fish to get 180 lbs or meat or taking 16 chickens to get 180 lbs of meat, allthough I would rather the chickens too as they are much better eating but of those 16 fish I can tell ya 0% would make it to be that size :2cents:
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anybody know anything about C&R mortality bringing up a fish from that depth?
they have no swim bladder,
and great for catch and release.
Great catch. Definitely a fish of a lifetime, congrats.

However, I tend to agree, the large females are poor table fair, and better released. Everyone whines that large Salmon, Trout, Ling, etc, etc, are hard to come by these days. Continually harvesting the largest breeding stock of any species will over time inevitably result in smaller offspring. Unfortunately, sportfishers are often the authors of our own missfortunes by constantly highgrading for trophy fish. The time has arrived when we will have to start being satisfied with a nice picture, or a reproduction mount. That may be unpopular, but necessary, if good sportfishing opportunities are to continue in the future.
Any body know if it was Kirk or the other guy who hauled that up? Kirk picked up another monster earlier in the year too, but this is a whole new category. Wow.
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