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Well got to the Squish today around 6am
no one there :eek:
so i had a few casts then a few people started to show up
It was slow at first
I bumped into Beadhead
He was doing real well hooking lots of fish
I was not doing well
So he gave me one of his green flies and i started to get into some
(thanks for the fly)
I had made up some green ones the night before but left them on the bench :wallbash:
then a group of a bout 10 guys turned up three were guides
then another smaller group turned up also with a guide
Lots of fish caught all around
I hooked two nice Ho's and i heard others catching them
a boat Even pulled up and out got about 4 guys and they started fishing from shore
everyone was fly fishing today not one drift rod to be seen

Then i heard someone say look a bear :eek:
sure enough on the other side of the river there was a small black bear
maybe a year old
no mother to be seen but i bet she was arround
water was up since last time i was there

man it got hot too
i got a bit burnt on my face 8)
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