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well another productive day ! We hit 12 fish from the slide to the service road , all freshies and a godd size range the average being 10 lbs . If your thinking of going in the next couple days its probably not a bad idea.Just a little tip for you guys , fish the rocks and slots . Seems with all the presure the fish arnt sitting in the usual spots.ps we dont need a guide to show us how to fish!

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Sounds like you had a great day slabon...nice report, good info there on finding fish...

slabon said:
ps we dont need a guide to show us how to fish!
Are you refering to someone in particular? Seems it's not the how, but more the where...not to mention the fact I think some people might not have a boat, or might not want to go through the hassle of bringing it over from the mainland, etc...just not sure of the purpose of this statement. Did someone imply you needed a guide to catch fish? I've never fished the Stamp, but intend to hire a guide the first time out at the very least...does that mean I don't know how to fish? 8)
Like I said, nice report...good on ya for finding some fish...got any eye candy for us?
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