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Looks like Harper and his cronies are at it again!

The federal government has done itagain. Canadians are facing another omnibus ‘budget’ bill thatwould put our fish, our coastlines and our democracy at risk. I amasking you to writea letter to Minister Oliver and your MP calling for them to standup for the environment and democracy and reject those harmful amendmentstoday.
In October, Finance Minister Joe Olivertabled Bill C-43, the Economic Action Plan 2014 Act, No. 2. Buriedamong its nearly 500 pages are changes to the Canada Marine Act thatwould allow port lands to be exempted from federal legal protection ofterrestrial species at risk, as well as from federal environmental reviews.
Standup for strong federal environmental laws today.
The amendments would give Cabinetbroad, sweeping powers to hand over control of Canada’s marine ports to anyperson, including provincial governments or even industry itself. Theywould also let any person – including industry – write the rulesfor reviewing activities in ports, limit who can have a say, and evenadjudicate disputes over those activities.
I don’t know about you, but my Canadaincludes waters rich with fish and a coastline teeming with life. My Canadaincludes a robust democracy in which citizens have a say in projects thataffect them. My Canada has strong federal environmental laws to protectthe things I care about most, like clean water, wild spaces and myability to participate in reviews of projects that put those values at risk.
Bill C-43 threatens those values, and I urgeyou to take action. Writea letter to Minister Oliver and your MP today calling for them tostrike out the harmful amendments to the Canada Marine Act proposed inBill C-43. But please don’t delay: the Bill could be passed as early asnext week.
Formore information, readthe legal backgrounder to the changes to the Canada Marine Act in Bill C-43 by theWest Coast Environmental Law Association. You can learn more about thesechanges, as well as the 2012 gutting of Canada’s environmental laws by BillsC-38 and C-45, at envirolawsmatter.ca.Then add your voice to thousands of others by writinga letter to Minister Oliver and your MP today.


Anna Johnston, West Coast Environmental Law Association

p.s. We need your voice to help stop the rollbacks ofCanada’s environmental laws. Tell the federal government you demandstrong environmental laws to protect our communities, our democracyand our environment.
Signour petition to save Canada’s environmental laws, and tell thegovernment the environment – and your voice – matter.

Save Canada's Environmental Laws

Save Canada's Environmental Laws · Vancouver, BC V6J 2B3, Canada
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When is the next election, not that that is going to change much. Letter to minister has been sent. Protection of our coast should be one of the top priorities.
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