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Another Member!

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I live in chilliwack, i like to fish for salmons, is cultus sockeye open for catching?
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Nice to have a Sunshine-Coaster on the forum, Wellcome aboard Symon.
Welcome, Symon! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy reading your posts. Having never been to the Sunshine Coast myself, I look forward to them.

Welcome aboard! :cheers: We deffinitely look forward to your contributions from up on the coast.

Finder ;)
Thanks for the welcome guys, I am currently waiting for the water levels on the local flow' to come up. Once they do I will be sure to keep you all informed on how the fishing is up this way!
Oh no........the little hippy-kid from Roberts Creek found his way over here!!! :peace: (MB_Boy here from HBC)

Symon...you gotta take some time and throw up some of your pics over on here for all to see. I'll tell ya folks....the kid can fish with the best of them!! :thumbup: He is scared of bears but sure can fish!!
Welcome aboard Symon, Keep us posted on what Sunshine Coast is doing! Tight Lines!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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