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Live in Lower Mainland. 55 yrs.

Actually joined last year but never made any posts or spent much time on this site.

Fishing experience is mainly fly in interior lakes (Christian Valley, 100 Mile House) with some spinning. Got a 20' canoe.

Do annual saltchuck charters out of Sooke and Port Renfrew in July/Aug. Once per year is all I can afford.

Decided to get into Bar Fishing this year and learn the ins and outs of this leisurely pursuit. Got a wife and two dogs (airedales). Wife likes relaxing and fishing as long as I do the baiting, unhooking and cleaning. Airedales like the outdoors. Younger son (26) lives locally and likes to fish as well. Older son lives in Sask and hope to do some walleye fishing with him out there next year.

Really big into hunting.
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