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I almost exclusively fish for bass with my fly rod.

It makes it that much more exciting. You can buy those big nasty
'bass' flys but I never seem to have much luck with them.

I often use a tom thumb (the biggest one I can find) or surface poppers.

Largest Bass to date on the fly is 15 inch.


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Widgeon slough is located right by widgeaon creek at the mouth of Pitt Lake. If you canoe across from the boat launch in Garabaldi Park you are at the entrance to the creek. Follow the creek up stream (or down depending on the tide) until you come to a fork in the creek. if you take a left you will be in widgeon slough, if you go right you will follow the creek toi the campsites. The slough allows motorboats at a speed restriction while the creek does not. The other entrance to the slough is south of the widgeon creek entrance (about 300 yards or so). I have had some fun with the bass in there on my fly rod but you can also catch lots of pike minnows and there are some cutties/bows/dollies that can be found in and around the slough/creek/mouths.

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thanks for the info Steelie

i feel stupid now cause i actually grew up in Pitt Meadows and have been on Pitt Lake many,many times i just never knew what those other tribs were

ha ha and me i never thought to ask

and i have fished Mill Lake just never targeted the bass in there seeing as i have only fished there once and didnt even know if there were bass or not

however my dad(waginmaster) was there doing a St. Johns duty last year and was watching the bass breeding in the shallows near the lily pads

must have looked kewl. he even said some of them were ok size too

maybe i will have to give that a shot

what is the best way to target bass on a flyrod??


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