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Schlock, Point Atkinson, and Whytecliff Park are closed to fishing. The DFO has, or is going to close a lot more of these "close in " areas as well. If you could fish in these areas, would would find lots of small rockfish, and lingcod. The problem is, that these fish are slow growers, and they tend to live in very confined areas around reefs on the bottom. This makes them easy to find, and being aggressive biters easy to catch. There is no way that they could ever withstand the pressure that their proximity to Vancouver will put them under. Another strike against these fish is their high mortality rate when caught, they are small, you pull them up from the deep too fast and they're done! As with most fish in these parts, you will always find groups that will poach almost anything that you can eat, so that's why we leave them alone!
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