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Anyone Heading out Locally this weekend?

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JUst thought I would see if anyone was hitting the local waters (Van) this weekend? I will be out one day for sure just not sure which day yet.
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Sturgeon and Spring fishing the Fraser on Saturday & Sunday ...... Fishing Bowen Island and the QA on Monday.
Monday or Tuesday I am going to hit it up... probably the QA.
Have fun, Jason
Sat May 20 windy in pm

I am hoping to go Sat 9am to around the Coal Port, but it looks like the wind may pick up around noon. It may also rain.
skunk Sat at Coal Port

skunk. Trolled 10 till noon. Got scared as the wind picked up around noon. Need a beer.
a few good size springs coming in from sooke and the odd one
from oak bay (26lb)
fished the gap lat night for 2 hours and got an 8lb spring on green/glo
coyote at 115' right on the bottom
still waiting for the big boys to arrive :wink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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