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Hi everyone
I'm new in fishing
I had try Rice lake ,but it always end up with no hit :cry:
Just wondering is there anyone want to fish together?
or some fishing location tips
I can drive and i have both licence
I also got some simple tackle

Thanks for the helping :D

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hey there buddy i think your going to have to make your message a little more clear for us to understand

what is a fish out ?

we do fishouts but that is when we get LOTS of guys from this site together for a few hours on the river and then for some drinks afterwards LOL (again sorry guys for taking that swim that day :cry: ) LOL

are you looking for people to go fishing with ? perhaps information on specific waters ?



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I'm sorry about all the confusion :(
I'm looking for ppl to go with

i don't know where to fish
I live in Richmond but i can drive
information on specific waters ????

Thankz for the help HOOK :lol:
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