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Yopesco...squamish may still be ok though, and if I were going to hunt bulls on the fly it would be there...keep in mind a recent report from hotrod...


If the squamish is out of shape or the fishing is slow then you should definitely give the cheak a try...

Jord, there are various access points that can be productive...if you take the road towards the hatchery you will cross a bridge over the river after the outdoor school and before the hatchery, this is a very popular access point, many anglers will walk the river banks up and downstream from this bridge...you can also continue upstream along the dirt road until you get to "misty lane", (I think that's what it's called), there is some decent water up there, but keep in mind the upper fishing boundary is 1.5 km above the footbridge at misty lane and is not well marked...

Other access points include parking at the cheekeye bridge at the cabins and walking downstream from there, just stay on the east side of the river as the west side is first nations property...there is a lot of river to fish below cheekeye with mainly foot access, but it is a nice walk and a great way to waste a day...

Please remember all the rivers in the area are catch and release only for all species...double check your regs, respect other anglers space and have fun!

ps: great signature you have there jord...

hope that helps,

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