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April 4 - Lafarge Lake

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Ok here is my report
Well got there around 9am and it was raining
not to heavy so what the heck i got the tube blown up and out i went
2 hrs later and i hook into a fish
it jumps out and does a triple selco and spits the hook
By now i am joined by another tuber
he gets into one straight away
I am now freezing cold as i did not wrap up enough
I head back home to put on more gear
On my return the other angler informs me he has hooked 6 fish and one was around 13inch
I fish till 2.30ish with no more hits
I guess they were sitting down near the drop offs
I am taking the fish finder next time to see where the drop offs are
nice little lake but could get crowded easy
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Did you ask the other guy what he was using?

For a map, try this

cheers :beerchug:
if you want a good colour map for the lake try this:


it has alot of other info on the lake also :thumbup: this is where i was looking it up from.
Lafarge will be stocked again this week. April 10. Another 1000 fish(catchables) and this makes 3000 fish in around 6 weeks.
i think Lafarge gets steady stockings all season :confused: everyone is always saying they are catching fish there.
HOOK said:
i think Lafarge gets steady stockings all season :confused: everyone is always saying they are catching fish there.
Well it makes sense to stock it as it is right in town and can be fished from shore all the way around the lake. The mandate for the fresh water fishing society is to increase fishing license sales and with stocking these urban lakes they believe this will happen. It is also a great way to introduce kids to fishing as there are plenty of fish to keep them entertained.
maybe they should stock all the urban lakes like that for instance: Mill, Green Timbers, Latimer, and so on .....
just took a peek myself and it shows Lafarge gets 3000 catchables in the spring and another 3000 in the fall. I guess thats all they stock. why not spread it out more throughout the spring/summer/fall
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