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I won`t get into why I preferred one rod over the other
so it wasn't this then
the Xperience had the best components which included a black anodized reel seat
and it wasnt this
The cork seemed like nice quality and the single foot wire guides also won points over the other two rods which had snakes, I personally prefer single foot guides on fly rods
or this
The Xperience also came standard as a four piece and had a nice rod tube with rod sock as opposed to the other two`s hard cordura internal sleeved setup
then maybe this
If you are looking for a fly rod in this price range don`t look over the Loomis Xperience as it has top notch components and definitely competes in the performance category
Sorry couldn't resist after reading your comment at the top and then reading the rest of your report:happy:

You sound like you know your stuff for a beginner :confused:
I need to invest in a new fly rod
just need to find a way to explain to the wife why i need yet another rod :wallbash:
Guess i need to get her into fishing then she will understand
Maybe see you out on the water sometime 8)
so did you buy one ???

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Hmmmm, you certainly don't ask questions like a beginner.

I personally could give a #%^& about finish or the sock or tube.

I prefer 4 piece because if you travel (especially fly) a 2 piece is a nightmare. Trust me you always want to carryon your rods never check them in!!

Try to remember fly fishing is not about casting the line 60+ feet if you can cast 40 feet and be accurate and not constantly having tailing loops and the deaded WIND KNOT your doing fine.

Your choice of rod really depends on if you have a fast or slow casting motion and are you lake or river fishing with it.

I personally have a quick casting motion and therefore prefer fast action rods. Temple Fork are a favorite of mine (very reasonably priced) and I do like Sage.

You can get a great deal on Powell rods (if you like a fast rod) from Sierra Trading (check them out online) they also have great prices on line and reels.

I have learned over the years that one very important consideration is the companies repair policy. Trust me you will break a rod often and sometimes they break in mid cast. A no cost repair or repalcement policy is important to me TFO and Orvis are great but Sage charges a pretty hefty fee and G Loomis unless they have changed their policy is a rip off!! I broke a 3 year old rod that was no longer made and instead of replacing it thye offered to sell me a new one for 50% off. So much for a "life time guarentee"!!

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Adrian is a sweetheart...I always drop change when I'm around her... :eek: Whole gang at M&Y's are good people...

Yeah, I had to re read your post as most beginners don't have a clue what a double haul is....I've spent a few afternoons shooting line across that street...Thought I was pretty hot when I bought my 6wt z axis and was tossing it into the yard, Then Dave came out and showed me how I was starting my forward haul to early and preceded to toss line up on the roof....Then Ryan, then Adrian...Oh well, they are even more impressive with the spey rods....

I went through the search for a second rod for my pram and bought the gloomis metopolis 5wt. It's about 80 bucks more but a really nice stick as well....
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