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Skunks over

took a friend from work out tonight after my ball game this morning. hit the water about 4;30 and headed to bell. It was her birthday and had never been fishing. after a s$%t show of a tangle got reset and headed east from bell.just after the last mark line started screaming, fish on. after trying to explain to my friend we had to get other rods out and downrigger balls up, she was a little perplexed so i said f$%k it and just did what i could to keep the fish away from everything. after about 15 min and 2 missed net attemps she got the fish in the net and hauled it aboard. a nice 24lb. red. a little lady luck i guess. glad to see they've showed up.

hooked it on a chovie green teaser head chrome bottom no flasher. great fight

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