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Well I got to take out the new toys. Motor ran well and boat isn't much different from the Zodiac. Looking forward to finishing break-in period tomorrow,as then I can take it to the ocean for some crab and maybe a little mooching around James Island.
Started today fishing northwest side of Elk working my way East. There were 2 guys in float tubes fishing bass and one awesome rigged bass boat!! Looked like a few $$ spent.
I was targeting trout and started with a Rapala F-11 in silver. 35 pulls of line with no weight. Picked up 2 small, one pound bass which to my surprise put up quite the fight!!
Changed location to the highway side and worked it using a X-Rap10 cool clown color. Same 35 pulls but added small weight,but not sure how much. :eek: Never had any strikes and when the wind started to pick up to 15Kms. I decided the day was done.
The object for the trip was to break in the new Yamaha,so I'm happy!!

Hope this is the correct way to send in a report but if it's not I'll accept all corrections as a learning curve.
Bye for now.
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