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We just had an excellent charter with Big Bear Salmon Charters out of Ucluelet. The boat, the guide, the day, all were perfect. We had a lot of fun learning about fishing using their top-quality gear and catching lots of fish. They even provide boots and suits to stay warm and keep the fish goo off your own clothes. We didn't get to keep all of our fish because in that zone you can't keep wild Coho, but it was sure fun fighting them and reeling them in. We each got to bring home our limits of two Chinook each and caught a few hatchery Coho as well. Had one of them on the BBQ that night, so fresh!!

While the fishing was really excellent, the place where we stayed was even better. There's this new fancy hotel place right where the fishing charters leave from called Whiskey Landing Lodge and I can't recommend it enough. The style of the place is very westcoast and it includes so many details that we had to ask the staff on multiple occassions what the full story was. Details like a representation of the the local islands sandblasted into the lobby floor and crows heads at the end of the roof beams. Such a beautiful and relaxing place to stay. Our room was really exceptional and I'm told each room is different and unique in it's own ways. My choice for the best place to stay in Ucluelet.

This is the fishing charter outfit : www.bigbearsalmoncharters.com
This is the fishing lodge/luxury hotel : www.whiskeylanding.com

... and here's some photos from our trip. Enjoy.

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