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Awesome reel for Vedder/Fraser...

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I was down @ Riverside fly & tackle the other day trying to find something for my wife to fish with and I was talked into this Quantum Iron reel. It is made in Japan which is a really good thing ( not China or Malasia), and to top it off it has a 6.3:1 gear ratio, apposed to the 4:1 ratio on my Calcutta...now I plan to try it on the river this weekend, but I did take it out to the park for some casting practise with my gal, and man what a difference that gear ratio makes. The Calcutta on my own rod is a very nice and pretty expensive reel, but I have to say that I might have use it as my spare because of the gear ratio on the Quantum. I can just imagine how nice it will be to use on the Vedder drift fishing, as well as BB'in on the Fraser. Tight lines....
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Hey Hawg. I've got 2 Irons. Really nice reels for what you pay. I only use mine for the Fraser, not on the Vedder. I used it on the Vedder up until 6 months ago when I got my Daiwa Luna. I don't like using the Luna on the Fraser due to all the sand and dust. You will find that the worm gear needs to be changed often. The drag system is good, but not nearly what a Calcutta or Luna is like. All said, it's a good reel for what you pay. Hope you enjoy it.
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