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Babine Steelhead

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Hey every one, now that we have the derby finished i have a couple questions. Me and my dad might head up to the babine the year after next. (Vacation this year) And i'm wondering if their are any fresh steelies there in the spring?(Don't want red tomatoes) or is it just in the fall? Artificials only, are there any baits that seem to work better than others on the babine? Tight lines and happy steelheading!
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young gun said:
so basically all were gonnna catch is springs and trout. Thats cool. good luck guys
I lived for 5 years on Babine Lake. Yeah, you're going to be into springs and trout, but as Jay says, Babine lake trout can hit 30" and aren't distinguishable from Steelhead. By the way, you should try and make a stop at the Stellako river (near Fraser Lake)and fish trout there. It's one of the nicest trout waters you're ever likely to see.
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