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Spent the weekend on Sonora Island and had a heck of a time with some pretty good fishing. The fishing is just starting to pick up now after these huge tides we've been having. Near or at the end of the flood has been best and we hooked into 4 saturday morning and 4 this morning. All fish came between 730 - 830 despite being out there from 5-11 am both days. Biggest was about 15 pounds and fought like he was a lot bigger! I thought it was going 20+ forsure, but nonetheless a good scrap and the first towards my next batch for the smoke house. Most of our time was spent in Bute Inlet around Fawn bluffs, Lawrence Point, Moh Creek and Amor point. We had a pod of whales go through today so that definitely put the fish off somewhat I am sure. As usual we feasted on prawns and also took advantage of the ling fishery and ate a beauty 30" that I caught saturday night. Nice to see this years eaglets flying around too, I can see why eagles are coming off the endangered list, there are a lot around !
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