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Had a great week at the lakes.Knouf was good for smaller 15to17 inchers on chronnies and dragons.Badger was much more fun as there was mayflies,damsells and dragons hatching.In 3 days I landed 12 fish over 20inches,2 of which were 24 and one was a fat 26inch chromer.The thing was a hog as it was almost as deep as it was long.All fish were released except for a couple 16inchers for dinner.I find that a mayfly nymph tied with a pecock hurl body in a size12 was the best fly.My dad and I both had a few fish break our 6lb tippets.Unfortunately on friday,the lake filled up with gas motors,dirt bikes and generators.I am glad we had the week to ourselves as the noise ruined the atmosphere and the fishing.I noticed the big fish were put down when the 20hp motors were rippin around.
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