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Bamboo rods

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My gramps gave me a couple of bamboo rods yesterday. One is an ocean rod that can be used as a 2 peice or three peice. The tips are not interchangable. The other rod can be used as a two peice spin caster or a three peice fly rod with an extra tip. very cool. I hope the pics work.
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Oct 1/08

Looks like he used them - must have some good stories also

I have my fathers and my grandfathers equipment and I smile anytime I take the stuff out and put it together and remember

hope you will enjoy as i do

No not for sale. There was an estate involved from the fellow who passed them to my grampa so maybe thats where they came from. I was actually thinking of getting a few pieces fixed and maybe trying to catch a few small fish on them. Anyone use their vintage gear ?
I do not use it but I have my Opa's old bamboo carp rod from when we lived in Holland. I also have his old sea rods that he used to fish in the north sea. I used to use his really old spinning reels to give them a try and I have used his sea rods for bar fishing. These rods and reels where from the 50's.
Nice rods Yama!

Back in the day (the 80's) :happy: I bought numerous bamboo rods at estate sales etc... I still have several and I did use one of the
fly rods a fair bit. It's a 9' or 9'6 and a real buggy whip. When I first bought it M&Y figured it to be a 4 or 5 weight. Back then
I fished a 7 wt and that was it, so I used to use the 7wt setup on it ( a little unconventional) and caught boatloads of pinks coho and chum with it.

Was an absolute blast! Till a brute of a chum on the Harrison snapped my ferrule. :wallbash:

So I say use the rod. They work.

Thats great aside from the broken part. just have to keep the fish on the smaller side :thumbup:. I'll keep this thread alive everytime i catch a fish on it !!
Hello Yama;

I use my cane rods everywere except salt water - several that I use regularly are over 60 years old and they still are wonderfull to work with .

Some are still straight as a die and others do sag a bit but they are still sound and cast a great line. I will usually take 2 or 3 rods with me and I will rest a rod after a mornings fishing by switching to another. I have them from 4wt to 12 wt.

When I started fishing I used cane rods flyrods because that was how I was taught and Fiberglass rods were of poor quality and just never had that feel.

So from a cane lover - take your time - fix up the rod and yes match the fish to the rod and it will last a long time

good luck

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