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Well my 1st Bamfield trip was great.

The road into Bamfield was nice ... little dusty from travelling with 3 others but I've been on allot worse roads. The camp and launch/moorage facilities were great. Fishing on the other hand was a learning experience.

Inshore - was (according to group members previously there) poor. There was allot of baitfish around ... just few salmon. Got to see dolphins ... others had a great show put on by humpback whales.

Offshore - This is where it was happening. 2 boats (17'ers) from the group got out the latter part of the week and got some teen chinooks and 1 hali. Other reports from offshore were good to excellent , depending on where/how far one went.

Other than getting blanked on fish ... a great trip. Weather wasn't to bad (should have been there now) ... did some sight seeing with the gf at Pachena Bay, the boardwalk in town and the Bamfield Marine Science Centre (niece is hoping to attend next year). Great little Canada Day parade the friendly community put on.
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