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Hi my name is Khurrum
Im new at fishing, have been hunting all my life. Haven't had any luck in the last 3 weekends, I have been bar fishing the fraser (derby reach, two bit bar and poplar bar) without even a sniff. I was wondering if anyone as a diagram of the bar fishing setup. Is anyone catching fish bar fishing the fraser? if so where should I try? :?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
-Khurrum :)

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Welcome to BCFR!

As far as I know the lower portion of the Fraser is a hit and miss fishery. Because the salmon don't really hold but instead are passing through you have to time it just right with the tides. Most of the Barfishing is taken place in the "upper" fraser from mission to Hope.

Generally a Bar rig is set up as follows:

1. approx 40 lb main line
2. Connect main line to Bar rig, sold at every tackle store in BC
3. 14-18 oz of lead (for the upper river, 2-10 oz from mission down) connected to the bottom of the bar rig, in line with the main line
4. Tie on a leader to the long portion of the rig.
5. Slide on a Spin n glo size 0 or 00 (green/chrome, red/chrome, lettuce/tomato seem to work the best)
6. slide on a couple of coloured beds between the spin n glo and the hook
7, tie on a 4/0 or 5/0 hook, you can dress the hook with yarn or roe if you wish.

For the Fraser below mission you can use a double bar rig, again sold at every tackle store. The double is as it says - two leaders and two hooks with two attractants. For this the set-up is generally the same but the lower iver is too slow to spin a spin n glo properly so people usually use roe or worms or yarn on the two hooks. The top leader should be shorter than the distance between the two bar rigs so you don't trangle them up. As for setting up the proper wieght, you only need enough to keep your rig stationary in the river. If it is drifting downstream add more weight.

Cheers and good luck.

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I have a couple of questions about bar rod choice. I have a 10.5 foot Trophy XL baitcaster rod rated for 14-35 pound test. It is medium action but I find it a little too limp, especially when casting the 10 to 15 ounces of lead. Would a longer, heavier action rod (stiffer) be better? Is there such a thing a a rod, spinning or baitcaster, made specificallt for bar fishing?

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I have two Shakespear Ugly Sticks (12' and 11') for Bar fishing.

Advantages: Stiffer with a lot of backbone and capable of throwing big weights (20 - 22 ounces) with ease; Longer to keep more line out of the water presenting less drag (not as important when using braided line though); use of big Spinning Reels that hold lots of line.

Disadvantages: Heavy almost bulky and awkward at the best of times; It's a spinning rod and I personally find the drag system of a level wind type reel far superior; my Daiwa spinning reels are superb yet the center type drag tightener is definately not as nice as the star drag on a level wind.

Sometimes I use my Sturgeon / Halibut Rods for a nice change ..... depends on the structure and snags associated with the area. I find that the short butt portion of these rods makes it difficult for some to handle a big spring without the aid of a belt.

Hope some of these comments help...

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