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Barkley Sound

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Heading to Poett Nook next Friday .wondering what the fishing is like around Barkley sound. Back from barkley sound and fishing was slow . 8 springs in 6 days biggest was 20 lbs. Most fish were male 12-16. Saw 1 43 taken in Yankee Bay , most others along Bamfield wall or Kelp bay. Maybe another run in early Sept.Weather was rainy the whole time but you are used to that . Still had a great time . Back next year to stay a little longer .
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The fish are out in the open water but starting to show up in the canal, so your timming should be about dead on.

I usually go up there on Sept 3 (to miss the long weekend zoofest :happy:) but I'm always told how great it is the last two weeks of August so I think you will have a great trip. My buds always do very well in August.

If slow in the canal (Poetts) I would head out to the outside of diplock, I hear big fish hang out there.

Good luck and let us know how you did when you get back

Cape R

I'm on my way out to barkley for Sept. 5 6 7 (miss the zoofest also). Any tips. Reports from offshore (25 mile) are reasonable, big coho, but I'm in a 19' aluminum cc. Something closer to home would be nice. I've fished the usuals up there (diplock, pill, kirby) but looking for something different. Salmonuniversity.com shows some different ideas. Have you tried them?


winnipeg said:
Heading to Poett Nook next Friday .wondering what the fishing is like around Barkley sound.
Well if its any consequence, some buddies were up near Kyuquot a week and a half ago and hammered the fish. Smallest chinook was in the high 20's, largest coho was in the mid 20's.
I always head to 7 mile. never needed to go further.
there is a sweet hali spot close by that you can use on the slack then go back to salmon fishing in the same area.
Keep the "Big Fish" tips coming in, planning to head over tomorrow night and fish the derby!

Hey Shane,

I replied to your other posting but I will tell you , I was just there (Canal) and the fishing is hot around Diplock, a buddy of mine caught 4 springs
in 3 hours , biggers 34lbs. I fished in the Canal for 4 hours (across from China Creek) and only got a small one 18 lbr.
The guy hitting the diplock fish was fishing 15-45' deep , with the biggest uglyiest anchovie he could fine , and he did the best. leader 5-6' with a 45 degree angle on the downriggers.

I will be going out sept 3-8th, because I cant make the tourney so good luck !

If I were you and were in the diplock area, I would hit it HARD IN THE MORNING - 5AM :happy:

Good Luck and be safe
Cape R
We will be up there Sept 4-7th,staying at Kildonan Lodge and fishing Pill Point,Bamfield Wall ,Kirby and around there..
Look for boats with green firemen puking over the sides :happy:...We will have 5 boats and 17-18 guys,should be fun as we aren't going to be doing any heavy drinking, just serious fishing(I'll believe that when I see it).
First ferry out of Horseshoe Bay on Thursday and 5:30 pm back on Sunday from Naniamo.Watch out for an 18 foot Green Weldcraft Renegade with a tan top..
Gotta love the new ferry rates. >:D
Hey Abbyfireguy,

We are in the same area for a non-alcohol weekend (water on the water, beer on the pier). What radio channel and handle are you using. I'm not sure what channel I'll be on but the handle is Chumsalot. 19' aluminum CC with 2 guys. Maybe we can trade reports.

good luck and tight lines,

Hey Guys,

I will be up there between the 3-8th , name of my vessel is Sirvivor, give me a shout on VHF Channel 10 if you are interested in a report from
o port alberni to 10 mile (Canal Area).

I might be out at diplock to but going to fish the canal since I will be staying at china creek.

If you are near diplock, FISH IT TRUST ME !!!!! WITH THE BIGGEST UGLIEST ANCHOVIES YOU GOT and hey abbyfishguy maybe the other fireman will be green from ENVY when you haul in the 40lber :happy: :beerchug:

Good luck and Good safe fishing guy
Cape R
PS; The DFO (Wardens) are really looking for guys drinking on their boats..... have been giving out DUI's so its up to you :naughty:
Hey all better luck to you guys and gals going up in September, I just got back from my 14th annual trip to Barkely. Was there from the 18th to the 25th and fished all my favorite spots inside, seven mile and a few other offshore spots. Although we did bring back some fish our biggest was only #25 and all the reports we heard from other staying at the nook were about the same, smaller size and not as many. It was probably the poorest I have done in 14 years of going. So hopefully they were just real late getting in. Good luck to ya and tight lines.
Not suprized you found the fishing a tad slow out there Derik.
Had to fish inside the Sound a few times last week when we couldn't get the clients offshore. Poorest showing I've seen in many many years. Fish ARE there, but with all the rain, the high water in the river, and the dam being opened, they are bulletting to fresh water with afterburners full flame! Tough to tag moving targets!
Guide channel had the most whining I've ever heard on it each day inside. Lots of fish slowing slightly closer to the river, and it may just be that area where the Biggie comes from this year...

Won't be in the Derby for the first time since moving here. Area G rolls out on the 2nd, and of course I'll be right there with them. Good Luck to those who do attend!!

Hey Iron,

Is there a commercial fish opening in the Canal on the 2nd of Sept , How long ? whom ? where ?

To lazy to look at the DFO reports, so a quick response from you would be nice

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