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HOOK said:
have you ever fished Barnes before Bdaddy? we drove by it TWICE but didnt go in because we were busy with something else. if you go there dont fish the first lake because its apparently void of life someone told us :confused: we though about going in and fishing it because we were right there but decided to go to where we knew.
HOOK it would be great if you didn't just pass on every bit of BS that comes your way. You have never fished the lake, so why would you tell B-daddy not to fish it. Because "someone" told you it was devoid of life? Boy if I knew it was that easy to keep everyone off my favorite streams and lakes, I'd be letting everyone know the Skagit was devoid of life. :happy: :happy: Both Barnes and Willard have very healthy populations of trout, but are low elevation lakes which suffer summer doldrums as a result. Right now is a perfect time to fish both these lakes.
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