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To date, this was the best fishout yet. :) A special thanks to all those that helped to make this day happen. Thank you; Fishnfvr, Proff, Ortho, Marko, ribolovac, nocoho and reelangler for all your contributions to the fishout. Also, a big reel thanks to all these retailers for providing some great prizes won by these members at the fishout. Please support these very generous shops and follow their link and have a look at there websites!! :cheers:

Army & Navy
Tackle bag
http://www.armyandnavy.ca/ ---------------- professori

Freds Custom Tackle
Berkley rod and Baseball cap
http://www.fredscustomtackle.com/ ---------------- fish or cut bait

http://www.fredscustomtackle.com/ ---------------- Marko

Berry's Bait & Tackle
RIO fly line
http://www.berrysbait.com/ ---------------- Fish Finder

Pacific Angler
T-shirt and Hat
http://www.pacificangler.ca/ ---------------- Kingpin

Riverside Fly and Tackle
Steelhead box containing steelhead flies
http://www.riversideflyandtackle.com/ ---------------- PatAv

Sea-run fly and Tackle
Abu Garcia 6600 BCX reel
http://www.sea-run.com/index.php ---------------- Wookie

Michael & Young fly shop
Michael & Young Hoody and fly box
http://www.myflyshop.com/online.html ---------------- ribolovac

Reaction fly and tackle
Remmington fly vest
http://www.reactionbaits.com/ ---------------- nocoho

Steveston Marine and Hardware
Tackle box
http://www.stevestonmarine.com/ ---------------- fishortho

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