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Hey Guys I have the stickers all done and available to those that want one. The price will be $7.00 per the sticker plus postage. The size is 4x8 inches and is silver in color. If there is any interest in bigger ones please let me know. If you would like some of these stickers please PM and I will give you all the details.

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Hey those look stellar Rick! :thumbup:

Finder :cheers:
Those are definitely going on the boat and car...I hope you have three set aside for me, Rick. Good job! :cheers:
Hey Rick, i'll take 2. One for the truck and one for the boat.
hey Rick, looking to get 3 of those stickers. i,m i the wack and can pick them up if need be. thanks Gord, stsfisher.
Very Nice Stickers Rick .......... how can I get 4 of them??

I want a few also. I did PM ya but i guess it didnt go through :-\

I am in chilliwack every weekend so i can pick up if thats cool with ya :thumbup:

I want at least 2 maybe 4
Rick I will take a couple as well. PM sent for my addy. :beerchug:

I appologize for not writing something sooner .............. just too busy at work and stuff.

Just wanted to let you know I received the stickers in A-1 shape. THANKS!!!

Although I haven't got around to putting them yet, again because of time, they'll look sharp. Just have to figure out the best spot to put them now!!


Got it today! Thanks Rick! Came in good shape.
And I want one of this as well! Rick could you send it together with hats and t-shirt so that I need to pay only one shipment?


Hey Rick I got em, completely forgot to send out a cheque so it's on it's way, I need one replacement one please I sent out the cheque accordingly for the replacement, thanks, without thinking I put the first silver decal on and well realized real quick that it doesn't show up on the aluminum so I have it on one side of the windshield, need another for the other side of course!!

would like to have 1, hopefully some of the funds are allocated to enhanced fishing.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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