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Hey Guys

Any Bear Stories,

Years ago I was fishing in Northern Saskatchewan in late Sept (first snow fall on ground) when I made a mistake of dragging my fish behind to a small boat I had hid on the other side of the island. I hear some noise behind me and to my surprise was a bear following, I ran like h**l to the boat and got in , I then gave the engine a pull and nothing, I then looked down and saw the fuel line was in some water accumulated in the boat,
geeees, what do I do now so I pushed the boat off shore and just in time the old bear was now on the bank, I thought hey.... throw him a fish and that will keep him busy ..........WRONG... :wallbash: he ate it right there and now was looking at me about 10 feet of shore (in shallow water) as if I was his general refrigerator , I was lucky enough to get the engine going (after chucking him two more fish ) and all ended well !
:happy: :beerchug:

Except I had to clean my shorts out back at camp LOL :-[

I noticed a few bears at the Vedder, any body have bear stories from there ?

Cape R

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cape r Well here's my bear stories... when I was 6yrs old the neighbours took me along to Canim L in the Caribou. My best friend Brian was their son. We drove to a small lake nearby which had lots of fallen trees in it. There were tons of squaw fish I think they were called [coarse fish] We brought the fish back to the cabin & dug a hole & buried them. Later their dog Trixie was barking like crazy & we saw a black bear up a tree. Where the fish were buried ...well the bear was definately digging there earlier !!! Also once I was biking along a **** along the Pitt R & seen a black bear running towards me... it was maybe 30 yards away... To say the least I pedalled "like crazy"... or waking up in am. next to my vw bug along the Yellowhead hwy.... "threw a sleeping bag on the ground at a rest stop..." & seeing a black bear sitting on it's hind with an empty can in it's paws & licking away... not more than 6ft from me... Then the bear walked over to a truck & camper as 3 guys were frying bacon inside & the door was open. The bear stood up on it's back feet I guess hoping to scare the men from the frying pan but they just made a banging noise...the bear then slowlwly walked into the bushes... Sadly one story is quite sad... near Jasper Alberta a young couple put honey on their young daughter's hands as they wanted a picture of a bear licking her hands... well the bear bit off both hands... I guess the parents seen so much wildlife walking about they thought these animals were harmless... 30 yrs ago or so...
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