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Beaver Lake Ice Fishing

Richie, Dean and I spent Christmas night planning an ice-fishing trip to Beaver Lake (near Kelowna). Rods? Check. Auger? Check. Folding Chairs? Check. Fermented beverages? Check. Assorted bait – maggots, Powerbait, left over shrimp from appetizer platter, mealworms etc.? Check. You get the point. We had been craving to fish since ice up. I picked up the guys at 11:00 am and loaded the gear onto a sled and shoved it into the back of the truck. We drove 45 minutes to the forestry service site midway up the lake on the Western shore and made the 20-minute hike downhill to the lakeshore and then across the lake to the middle. The weather was about 1 degree Celsius, no wind and a tad foggy. Beautiful weather. We greeted a dozen or so snowmobile enthusiasts, a couple of other ice-fishers and a large family gathering just north of the main island. We unpacked our gear and after doing a double take, realized we had left the bag with the rods, jigs and rod holders on the front steps! Richie and Dean were stunned. How could this happen? Fortunately, I still had my gear and bait. So Richie and Dean rigged about 20 feet of line from my spinning reel onto anything they could find, tied on a drop-shot rig and we were fishing!

We fished in about 20 feet of water and managed a couple of bites and a small rainbow. After awhile we headed towards shore and drilled holes in about 5-6 feet of water and had some decent action. I landed a decent size fish after it had tampered with my shrimp for about 10 minutes.

Man the fish are lethargic in winter. You pretty much need to spoon-feed them. Next time I think I’ll bring the sonar to find out what holes are showing fish. Just before dark, we decided to call it a day and hiked back to the truck. All in all the fishing was slow, the experience good and the exercise even better, especially after all the over eating over the holidays.

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Nice trip...I went ice fishing on Jewell near Greenwood just before Xmas....limited in a half hour and that was my first time in 45 years...it was a blast....I have now bought an auger, new ice rod and reel and line.....going back tomorrow...should be a blast.....we forgot the bevvies last time...got some Fireball for this trip.

Bud...aka kettlefisher
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